Everyday becomes a learning experience for human race. We learn from the time we get up to time we sleep. Even how many years of experience you have each day brings new lessons. That is why life is an interesting cycle. If you do not learn anything during the day that mean you have not experienced anything new or you have not looked around with interest. If you want to learn something new it has to begin with you wanting to learn, you looking for the experience, and you making an effort. However there are many types of learning that we encounter during our life time. Firstly through our growing up we learn the basic things a human needs, thereafter learning in class rooms, then learning through life experiences, then learning to make decisions, learning to listen so on.

Life experiences and learning in class room

Learning through life experience is the learning that happens from birth. Learning to smile, talk, eat, sit up, crawl etc. These are experiences that happen during a person’s life. You can call them the natural learning. The other type of learning is in class rooms or somewhere where you are instructed to follow by a coach or a mentor or a teacher. Such as driving lessons that provide a quality driving service, lectures, e-learning etc.

These learning involve you spending time and effort to go and do the learning. For driving lessons you make a payment, get yourself an instructor and learn to drive. This you can call it simulated learning. You learn I because you are expected to or you want to. It does not come naturally. You need to learn and make research and understand what scholars have mentioned about these learning topics.

Importance of Learning

People sometimes do not understand the importance of learning. They tend to make it a burden on themselves and not give that extra effort to make the learning an experience. Learning the basics through natural learning cannot aid you to survive this world. You need learn extra things that make you better than others so that you can find a job to survive in this world. Moreover learning makes you a better person. You will know the right and the wrong and the reasons for some of things that you will not understand through natural learning. Furthermore learning makes you an important person. Since you will be known as a wise person in the community and they respect you and listen to your opinions and make you feel and look important. Working towards being acceptable, knowing certain subject areas and putting everything in to practice is what learning makes you do.