Are you going to buy a brand new car and already booked it from the showroom? Be careful. A car really needs good maintenance to last long. So if you think that you will drive a car everyday and send it to the service station once in a year, get prepared to buy another car in next few years because the condition of the car will be worse.

Lack of maintenance can damage your car very quickly because it is sophisticated. You would never like to drive a semi damaged car which has become dull. Because after bring your car from the showroom, the fabulous glossy look is very short-lived if you can’t do proper maintenance with it. And then you need professional car polishing service.

Many people have misconception about car waxing and polishing. They think that both are the same thing. But waxing and polishing are completely two different things. Car waxing can only bring a waterproof and glossy look which does not remove scratches and marks. But when you are going for car polishing, it removes all the scratches and give a new look. It also helps to removes dust and oil marks. Car owners often want to use silicon based solution while polishing because silicon base works as water repellant, lubricant and bring fantastic shine on the car. You not only take your car to a service station when you feel that the car’s color is faded but also when your car meet an accident.

After taking it to an auto service station you restore the body color of your car and eliminate surface imperfections. It is very costly procedure to make you car brand new again after a major accident. No matter how shinny your car was during the purchasing; after one wax the paint is changed forever. So, many of the car experts prefer polishing than car waxing. Wax cannot be applied in direct sunlight and cannot be applied in chilly weather. It is a friction based application and time consuming.

On the other side, the paint application is pure liquid and does not catch particles when car cleaning at Redcliffe and vehicle restoration and protection services. It can be applied in freezing temperature and no need to remove. The most important feature of this polish is it is rust resistant. It is easier because of its one step application. It takes not more than hour to apply. It is very vital that you decide the level of damage. Find out if the scratch is a genuine scratch or it is some other object sticking to the paint. If it is not a genuine scratch, it can be removed by nail whisking. Scrutinize the area closely and then decide what to do further.