If you are thinking of starting up a small business and you have a primary capital to invest into your new business you may want to consider starting a small cab company. There are many kinds of businesses that are uncertain where you can never be sure if you will get returns, however with a cab company you can be sure that you will continuously get business because people are always in need transportation and if your drivers are good enough your clients are likely to keep coming back to you and your company. It is quite common for someone to hire a cab, take a liking to the driver and then continue using his services on a permanent basis. This is the type of clientele that you will need to aim for. In order to achieve this however, you will need to train your drivers very well in customer service. It is important to remember that investing in a good customer service training program for you drivers is an investment that you will be able to reap the benefits from eventually.

Getting the right software

In addition to buying a number of cars and hiring a number of drivers you will also need to get the right kinds of software for your company to help it run smoothly without any hiccups. No matter how good your drivers are, you are not likely to get return customers if your drivers do not arrive on time and you do not manage to take your orders call taxi correctly. In order to get this right, you will need to hire a fleet management system that will help you to monitor your vehicles wherever they are and send your clients the vehicle that is closest to them to ensure that the vehicle arrives fast and on time.

A fleet management system is not likely to cost you too much money however if you feel that buying one of these systems is over your budget in your current financial state then you and your staff will need to come up with different method of knowing exactly where each of your drivers are so that you will be able to forward the inquiries to them correctly.

Map training

We can all agree that there is nothing more annoying than going in a taxi where the driver does not know basic road routes. Before you begin your taxi company it is important for you to give all of your drivers’ basic map training as well as a training on the different routes available to get from the current location to the customers destination. It is important for you to remember that you are running on a meter and therefore the shortest route possible and taking another route even if your intentions are honest will indeed and the customer away from your company.