If your car is overheating that could make you panic. This might occur when you are on the road for long and driving down a lonely highway. This kind of situation is common during hot weather conditions as the engine heats up easily. There can be several reasons why a car overheats. The engine might not be able to dispel the heat as it normally does. The coolant might have reduced. There might be a cracked cap seal or a car might need gas. These are some of the different reasons why a car overheats.

Emergency steps

Even though the reasons could be various when you are facing an overheated car, there are certain steps that you could take. For instance, auto transmission cooler can help in this regard. There are certain emergency measures that one can take in order to reduce the car temperature till the car is taken to the nearby service station.

Increase internal heat

You could increase the internal heat of your car in order to draw out the engine’s heat. This will help extract some of the extra heat generated by the engine. This can help to prevent the engine from heating up as you drive. If you do not have an reliable auto transmission cooler this step can help you drive on till you reach the next service station. This emergency measure can help you drive a short distance when you are unable to solve the root cause of overheating of the car.

Using antifreeze

One can add a cup of water to the antifreeze tank of the car. This is an emergency measure that seems to work. Even though the antifreeze will get diluted, the car’s engine will cool down as well. If the antifreeze solution is present, that will help as well. If the antifreeze coolant is present in adequate levels, but the car seems to be heating up, there might be a blocker that is causing the problem. If you are unable to check or examine the blockage, adding water or antifreeze will help reduce the overheating of the car and help you drive on closest service station.

Other steps to take

If you are aware of the location of the antifreeze hose, remove the same and check for blockages. You could blow into the hose which usually dislodges any obstructive particle. The hose needs to be put back in place. If you are unsure of how to do this, it is best that you get expert help. If a car overheats often, it should not be ignored. The problem should be addressed by referring to a mechanic who is experienced to tackle such problems. Getting your car regularly serviced will also ensure that the coolant levels are checked and inspected regularly.