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Steps Required For The Auto Headlight Restoration

Auto headlight restoration is the procedure of getting back the shine of the headlight of your car once it has been affected by the UV light and its coat has been damaged. Although the auto headlight restoration is not something you cannot do at your own. With the little knowledge and knowing the proper guidance and having the right tools you can easily perform it. There are certain steps you need to follow to restore your auto headlight.
First of all, gather all the products and items you require. Buy a headlight restoration toolkit and then start the next step. Before starting, you first need to clean the headlight. The cleaning could be done with the use of simple car soap and water. This cleaning is required so that the tape do not come off. The next step is then taping the headlight. There must be a boundary made around the car headlight with the tape so that the area of the headlight is the one where sandpaper is used and all the sides and attached areas to the headlight are safe.

Then there comes the sanding part. This is the most important and technical part. You have the sand grits of different kinds. You start with the lowest one and you wet the better car headlamp restoration and the sand paper and then you need to keep on stroking with the sand paper and you must do it in the horizontal strokes. The key point and element is the water in this step, if the surface of the headlight is not wet then it is highly likely that the rubbing of sandpaper will add scratches on your light. The results that how shiny the surface of the headlight will be depends on your performance in this step and you must carefully perform this for at least 5 to 10 minutes before moving to the next step. Repeat the procedure of sanding with all the different sandpapers that you have purchased and change your motion of sanding every time. At first you worked horizontally, after you must rub in the diagonally motion and then the other diagonal. Total three time sanding is enough.

After the procedure of sanding is complete, then you must wash away the sands. Then the next step is to cut and polish car scratches the car headlight. Use a small amount of polish on the microfiber towel and apply in the car headlight. After this use UV sealant on your car headlight to restore the UV coat.

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