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What To Know When Moving To Queensland, Australia

Home to the gorgeous Sunshine coast and Gold coast, Queensland is located in the North East of Australia and is a popular place for locals as well as tourists. Every year, hundreds of people make the choice to move to Queensland and its capital Brisbane in search of better employment opportunities, higher education prospects and other reasons. If you are one of those people there are several things to be aware of before you make the big move. Here is a list:

Housing and Accommodation

Your main concern would be a place to live. Queensland has community and public housing schemes which you can apply for if you are a citizen or resident of Australia, or has a permanent or protective visa. There are other regulations about income and tax, information for all of which can be found online. If you are buying a house privately, contact a buyer’s agency or real- estate agency and talk to a lawyer to help you figure out all the legislation regarding the purchase of, and moving into, a house in Queensland from elsewhere. You’ll find that real- estate is extremely expensive the closer you are to the heart of the capital Brisbane, and gets progressively less so as you get further away.

Weather around the Year

Queensland is mostly sunny and bright throughout the year; even in winter, the temperatures rarely drop to freezing point. The weather is usually wet and hot, or dry and hot. However, the summer months also sometimes feature heavy rain, hail and cyclones, so it might be a good idea to get to know some garages and check up on the reliable hail damage repair cost before bringing in your expensive Italian car. The sun can become a hazard during the spring and summer so always be conscious of it and wear sunscreen.

The autumn months are crispier and cooler and are the most popular time for tourists who wish to avoid the blazing sun. Just remember that inclement weather can occur no matter where you are, so be ready for all kinds of rain, thunder, sun and hail damage repair costs to property so we have here our professional repair service.

Transport in the City

There are excellent transportation facilities in and around Queensland. In fact, if you only travel in the urban areas, you don’t even need a car. Thanks to the taxis, metro, ferry and buses that all work very hard, public transportation is smoothly run and very efficient. However, having your own vehicle is advisable for road trips to the outer lying areas of Queensland. For school children, some schools have their own school buses that will ferry your children back and forth, while public bus systems are also extremely efficient and child- centric.

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